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Access Europe are a UK based company, specialising in providing engineers & skilled Polish staff to fill the skills requirements of British Industry.

We enable your business to access a wide range of motivated, skilled, professional candidates and staff not available through more traditional recruitment methods.

We provide a range of services including recruitment of Permanent, Contract and Temporary staff, HR support and all other aspects relating to recruiting and employing Polish staff.

Our experience of HR Management and Recruitment, together with our knowledge of the Polish labour market, culture and language enables us to source and offer the most suitable candidates.

We ensure that your business requirements are clearly understood so that we can provide a service tailored to your specific business needs.

Access Europe provide a high standard of service to both customers and candidates. We believe that Polish and other migrant workers should be treated in a fair and ethical manner that reflects the skills and commitment they offer UK employers.

Our aim is to provide the very best service to both businesses and Polish workers;

  • For your business we provide the best possible candidates and a service to ensure that all your recruitment and business needs are met.
  • For Polish professionals we provide a professional service matching your skills with suitable positions whether you are looking for temporary work, contract work or long-term career opportunities with British companies.

Whether you are a UK business or a Polish worker, please contact us with any requirements you have and we will provide you with the service you expect.